Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Introducting Manga Studio 3.0

Introducing Manga Studio 3.0

For those of you that love manga, this is perfect for you! Upon initiation, Manga Studio displays its ambitions: it is not before a small software to do some scribbling but we are facing a real tool very complete and very pointed. All that has now become the standard graphic software is there a tool box in a secure corner of the floating palettes that can be folded with a click and a bar that occupies the entire width of your screen under the menus.

The profusion of such functions is that it will be important to quickly learn to play with this interface.
Lovers of colors, icons in relief and other razzle-dazzle will be for free: Manga Studio is sober, efficient technique. Nevertheless, and perhaps even because of this large number of functions, the software remains affordable. Indeed, the tools are quite visible, accessible in any case without having to unfold the various sub-menus.

To improve productivity, the range that I believe should serve as is the custom toolbar. You can drag not only the tools you want, arranging them as you see fit to grace separators to better distribute the tools sections, but you can also include in that range all the features of the software accessible through the menus and as most of the time you use a very limited number of functions to software, everything will be on hand quickly. This palette is also very powerful since you can create multiple custom palettes.

The Layers palette is one of the most complete I have ever seen. It offers everything that may require a user: an overview of the content layer, information on their properties (resolution, vector or bitmap ..). You can click to hide or lock a layer and there is also an advanced feature quickly when you need it tastes: layer groups. The range extends even further than that because it displays a separate form of layers, information guides, rules, selections, crop marks, or even masks and other selections. This quantity of information is a real boon in terms of productivity.

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